10 May 22
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2 hours
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Coaching ethics
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Ethical standards and dilemmas in practice: Responsibility to a client and profession

The ethical dilemmas are often complex and will challenge coaches to take an in-depth look at themselves and their professional practice to be in service to the profession’s integrity and his/her clients. An important theme to be opened and discussed.

The challenge of working ethically means that members will inevitably encounter situations that require responses to unexpected issues, resolution of dilemmas, and solutions to problems. The most challenging ethical dilemmas are never really black and white. Coaches have dilemmas about their weaknesses, conflict of interest, confidentiality, boundaries and so on and can be put in a new circumstance where a clear response may not be available, and many questions arise.

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In this interactive event (workshop), participants are expected to be actively involved in breakout rooms and panel discussions ( case studies).
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