06 Sep 24
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1 hour 30 min
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Coaching science
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Experience Coaching with Symbols and Archetypes and learn how to dive deep!

Symbols and archetypes can reveal hidden content. They are powerful aspects to step into reflection. The Symbolon-Method combines them with works of art and thereby creates a unique reflective approach that enables deep insights. In this session you will experience how famous artworks are used in coaching for self-reflection processes. Free your mind, get inspired and see what stunning results are possible!
Christine will guide you into your world of images and your pictorial knowledge. The works of art contains symbols and archetypes. Your inner images, associations and reactions give you enlightening information about your own world of the unconscious. The interactive session is aimed at coaches who would like to get involved in art-coaching and are ready to further develop their reflection skills. We will explore the importance of reflection in the context of the Symbolon-Reflection-Model and ICF core competencies and how we as coaches can achieve authentic and profound reflection.

Maximum participants: 50
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Remaining: 39
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CC : 1    RD : 1.5

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