21 May 24
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Funcomfortable: The Uncomfortably Fun Truth About Growth Time: Feb 21, 2024

Everything your client wants lies on the other side of
discomfort. Come to this session to learn the evidence-based
skills for how to make getting outside your comfort zone
actually fun — both for you and your clients! Because mastery
always feels better than comfort.

You’ll learn:
 Why brains naturally avoid discomfort
 How to help your clients do the hard thing even when
their brain’s telling them to do the opposite
 How to use fun as a tool to help your client make hard
things more enjoyable by:
o Fun-Fusing (pairing difficult things with fun
o Fun-Framing (reframing threats to challenges
and gamifying difficult tasks)
o Fun-Friending (utilizing friends and colleagues
for fun and accountability w/ productivity
o Fun-Setting (to recharge when your client’s
batteries are low)
o Fun-Vesting (using daily deposits of fun to build
stress resilience later on)

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