21 Sep 22
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“Generativity is Your Superpower: Celebrate Living Fully Potent”

1.5 Core CCE

Description: Slow down, get quiet, listen deeply, pause, listen again, receive something unfamiliar – your “blank” (not blind) space — and be with it, open to what could emerge that is new and fresh. Every person has a set of mental blinders and emotional barriers that prevent seeing the world as it is. Anything that prevents you from seeing the world as it is, is worthy of your attention. Our brains develop specific boundaries in our thinking and feeling to prevent reality from being seen as it is occurring (scary, unknown) versus the reality your RAS operates from (safe, familiar) day to day. RAS = Reticular Activating Systems. To live fully potent requires putting the RAS on wobble, on purpose to let something new in, past the filters. This occurs through intentional reflection: on experience, on perception of the experience, on self-regard during the experience, on other-regard during the experience, on presence and choice in relationship with the experience and final

Maximum participants: 500
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Leadership coaching
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CC : 1.5    RD : 0

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