07 Dec 23
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‘’How to build an open and safe learning/working environment ”

1. Why is psychological safety of importance now?
2. What is psychological safety and how does it work?
3. How can you get it working?

Have you ever experienced walking out of a meeting or closing it, thinking “Why didn’t I say this or ask that?” but you didn’t do it? And then immediately rectified it in your head with: “The wrong moment” “They’ll probably think I’m stupid” “It wouldn’t have added anything” “Who am I to jeopardize a project’s deadline?” “The scaffolding was actually safe enough anyway, maybe I’m exaggerating” etc.
For many, if not for everyone, a familiar situation. These occasions arise in a psychological unsafe working environment.

If psychological safety is present in a team, then everyone feels at home, opinions and mistakes are shared, everyone contributes to the bigger picture from day 1, the status quo and each other are challenged and everyone feels responsible for the positive climate.

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