30 Jan 24
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How to Measure ROI in Coaching and a general overview of ROI (Return on Investment)

This webinar is for those interested in learning more about measuring the success of coaching, particularly at the ROI level. The session focuses on using the ROI Methodology as a process to effectively conduct ROI studies.

Dr. Jack Phillips, Chairman of ROI Institute, will explore the concept of ROI, the fastest-growing metric for evaluating talent development. Participants will learn about the ROI Methodology, which includes developing objectives, collecting data, isolating the effects of the program, converting data to monetary values, tabulating appropriate program costs, and calculating the ROI.

Participants in this webinar will learn:
• How Return on Investment (ROI) applies to coaching
• The five levels of ROI evaluation
• The 12 easy steps of the ROI Methodology®
• How to apply the methodology to their coaching projects or programs
• How applying this process will deliver results for growing their coaching business

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Founded in 1992, ROI Institute helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI) by implementing the ROI Methodology® into organizations.
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