10 May 23
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How & Why you should start sex education with your kids

“When you hear the term sex education for the first time, you may feel offended or think that it is unsuitable for children.
However, nowadays with the massive exposure to the Internet and technology, it has become essential to talk to our children about sexual education gradually in a matter suitable to their age.
Kids are empowered with the information that answers all their concerns and questions.
So how can we protect our kids from believing in different values from ours or our religion? How can we replay if my child hear about homosexuality and needs to understand? Should we distract or answer their questions?
The best approach to satisfy curiosity in kids is to answer their questions and talk naturally which encourages them to come to you with their questions about sex (and not their friends or the Internet).

By talking with your child at a young age about body privacy, puberty, sex education and gender identity, you can prevent a lot of misconceptions they may get from med

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