15 Nov 23
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45 min
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Mindfulness for coaches – how you can enable growth and transformation in yourself and others

Mindfulness training and practice can be deeply transformative – for you as a coach and for your clients. With regular practice it can powerfully change the way you relate to yourself, to others and to the world you live in. The rapid impact and absorption of mindfulness into our culture over the past few years has been driven by science.

Science that reveals how mindfulness can change your mind, brain, and body. In this session we will focus on your self-leadership and you leading others; your clients, using yourself as a tool. Mindfulness rests on a foundation that aligns with many of ICF’s core competencies. Many coaches practicing mindfulness testify that they can increase their presence, their ability to create trust and safety, active listening, awareness, growth and more. We will combine short theory with exercises. The session will therefore provide actionable takeaways. We will focus on approaches that can be useful before, during and after coaching sessions.

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