13 Dec 22
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2 hours
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Metropolitan Ballroom & Clubroom
5418 Wayzata Blvd
Golden Valley, MN 55416
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Professional development
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Music is the Map

If you are seeking resources to increase your awareness and attentiveness to what is needed moment by moment, this session gives you the tools to invite others to fully participate in the process of creating a hum with vitality, strength and long-term success.

-Discover your own story of resilience and its influence on your coaching effectiveness.

-Explore music as a metaphor for increasing maneuverability within complexity.

-Translate the universality of musical elements into methods for connecting with clients and increasing well-being markers such as meaning, resilience, engagement and motivation.

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How do we maintain a coaching presence when our world has been turned upside down and shaken side-to-side? We are not the persons we were before this global shift and we do not yet recognize who we will become. We feel stuck in a perpetual state of in-between; a place filled with promises of tomorrow that somehow feels increasingly claustrophobic with each passing day. We are born seekers of meaning; trying to make sense of the past and present as we position ourselves toward the future.

People are looking to their coaches for guidance as they try to move forward... but what can coaches look to? What coaches need now is their very own map that adjusts to the altering speed of change and the shifting matters of each day. In this innovative session we look to Music as that map. Music speaks to all of us in a universal language. It is a resource that all humans innately gravitate toward and respond to. Music gets to the heart of what is needed to build us up beyond what we had before to
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