20 Mar 24
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Narrative Coaching: The Power of Our Stories

Narrative Coaching: The Power of Our Stories

1 Core, .5 RD

Why “narrative” coaching? Because we are all storytellers. We make sense of and explain our lives by conveying stories about them. We feel unstable in our new chapters when we change behavior without uncovering and altering the story that upholds our original actions. If we don’t evolve our stories alongside our behaviors, we will feel like impostors merely acting out a part. Narrative coaching allows people to move from actors to the heroes of their own epic tales.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how narrative coaching is a critical element in assisting and sustaining transformational change.

2. Discover how to use narrative coaching to free clients from the confines of limiting stories.

3. Experience how externalizing stories from different entry points enhances one’s ability. to alter their story.

Note: Throughout the session, the learning will align with and demonstrate how to practice and protect competencies #3-#8.

Maximum participants: 500
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CC : 1    RD : 0.5

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