14 May 24
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Neurodiversity and Coaching – Nobody’s Brain Works Just Like Yours

“Neurodiversity” is a word that has joined the conversation, both in coaching and in many other aspects of our day to day lives. How many of us have heard a friend refer to themselves as “neurodivergent”, a TV show using the term, a related bestseller like “NeuroTribes”, a colleague asking for professional or personal accommodations, or encountering neurodiversity-affirming practices in professions that we wouldn’t have even guessed at 10 to 20 years ago?

But what is Neurodiversity? From the language used – “person with Neurodivergence” or “I am Neurodivergent” – to who actually can or should use the term (whether they have a diagnosis or not), to what Neurodiversity actually means in our day to day life and interactions. In this presentation we will *briefly* touch on the history of the Neurodiversity movement and its relation to Autism, ADHD, and other diagnoses; and on how Neurodiversity is related to other aspects of diversity and to disability advocacy.

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