16 Nov 23
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45 min
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Neurofeedback – Leveraging Neuro Technology for Self-regulation

This session will address how our bodies and our brains learn patterns of behaviors and have “”habits”” that are hard to break. Sometimes, clients (and coaches) are trying their best to change and they can’t, because they feel “”stuck””, as if their brains are not helping them to become the person they want to become.
We will focus specifically on the psychophysiological patterns of the brain and body associated with Attention Deficit and Stress/Anxiety.
We will answer the following questions: Why clients might feel “stuck”? What happens in our brains that makes it hard for us to focus? What happens in our bodies when we are experiencing stress and anxiety? We will explain how Biofeedback and Neurofeedback technology can serve as a mirror to what is happening inside of us, supporting changes to healthier habits.
We will also provide coaches with simple techniques for self-regulation that can be applied immediately, for themselves and with their clients.

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