28 Sep 22
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The 4 key Leadership Principles from Eastern Wisdom

The four principles are : 1. Discern your Dharma
2. Declare and own your future
3. Get-up and Act
4. Give up or let go of your attachment to results
Each of these principles individually has the capacity to enhance your life

In this webinar, we will draw powerful principles from Eastern Wisdom sources particularly from the Bhagavad Gita. At the end of the 1 hour, participants will be able to:
1. Begin with the question of “what is their Dharma”? Many people we observe are blind to what is their dharma which means, they are blind to what is their core and no wonder there is meaning and joy missing for them.
2. They will learn what it takes to declare and own a future inside of their Dharma.
3. The common sense of understanding of action is very limited and perhaps even challenging. Here, we will begin to understand what does action truly means.
4. One of the biggest barrieres is our attachment to results. We will show you what it takes to draw your attachments to results.

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Upon submitting a written reflection to Sameer Dua afterwards, participants can get another 1 CCEU (0,5 core and 0,5 resource development).
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