05 Dec 23
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1 hour 30 min
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Coaching science
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The Neuroscience of Coaching

In this lively, fun and stimulating webinar Ursula (CPCC, PCC) a Neuro-transformational Coach, will share how we can support clients with three big challenges that they might bring to coaching and the science behind it:

1) Why can’t I make that change quicker (our why is it so hard)
2) I am so stressed – I think I am loosing it
3) I need to DO more- why are you talking to me about BEING!!!

Learn about some key factor to support change, and what neuroplasticity really is.
Understand the neuroscience of stress, and it’s impact on clarity, goal orientation and empathy as well as a simple awareness tool that you can share with clients.
Help clients understand the importance of how the brain actually helps people “work” in two very different ways – one feels like real work and the other way is tapping into the “aha” space of the brain and rest….have your clients use both the “engineers” and the “wizards” to achieve astonishing results!!!

Maximum participants: 100
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Remaining: 66
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CC : 1    RD : 0.5

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