12 Sep 23
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The Neuroscience of Transformation

When combined with a strong foundation of Traditional coaching models, Neuroscience-based change models allow us to design approaches to better support our clients in ways neither type can access alone. For example, this combination allows us to successfully support people even if they struggle to be introspective or reflective and allows us to empower people who struggle to sustain change. Adding models like Unlearning, Memory Reconsolidation, Explicit vs. Implicit Systems, and Neural Integration (among others) to a traditional coaching foundation allows coaches to overcome obstacles in a more informed, effective, and intentional manner. This session is a high-level introduction to different neuroscience-based models and where they can be best applied in a coaching process (please note that this is a 90 minute application-oriented introduction and as an introduction, it will not offer an in-depth mastery of any one particular model).

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