05 Sep 24
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Coaching ethics
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Trauma Informed Coaching Practice- When should I refer a client to therapy?

In today’s complex and often challenging world, many individuals carry the invisible scars of past trauma. As a professional coach, understanding and integrating trauma-informed practices into your coaching methodology is crucial for demonstrating ethical practices and providing the best support to your clients. This 90-minute workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a safe, supportive environment for clients who may be experiencing the effects of past trauma. The workshop will cover three key areas: using trauma-sensitive coaching language, recognizing signs that warrant referral to medical specialists, and implementing exercises to help clients regain a sense of safety.

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Throughout the workshop, you will engage in interactive activities designed to reinforce learning and practical application. These will include role-playing scenarios, group discussions, and guided practice sessions. You will have the opportunity to practice trauma-sensitive language, identify warning signs through case studies, and lead grounding exercises with your peers
Maximum participants: 100
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Health & wellness coaching
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