17 Nov 23
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Understanding CAS – Cognitive Attention Score – from a Coaching Lens

In everything we do, we use our Attention and Energy. Our attention and energy are two sides of the same coin. Our choices follow our attention at the level of our mind, and our actions use energy at the level of our body. If we pay more attention to our emotions, our energy gets wasted on excessive feelings or overthinking. This can also lead to illness. This automatically reduces the energy available for learning and growth. On the other hand, if we give more attention and energy to learning and problem-solving, we automatically manage our emotions and think better.CAS (Cognitive Attention Score) measures the extent of attention and energy available for cognitive functions. Your current CAS shows how much of your energy and attention goes into learning, discipline, and problem-solving or into feeling stuck, overthinking, compulsive patterns, and emotional overflows.

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Learning Objectives:
1. Learn more about Cognitive Attention Score (CAS) and its impact on your success and well-being
2. Explore collectively to understand the linkages of CAS with Coaching using the ICF core competencies
3. Understand ways to increase your CAS
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