16 Nov 23
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Unlock your Being in an accelerated world, instead of doing Coaching

“What will happen in your coaching sessions when you stop ‘doing’ coaching and start ‘being’ the coach?
Join Jean-Francois Cousin’s session, watch a short demo and find out!
You will also discover why the shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ is so timely and critically important for the Coaching Profession going forward in our ‘accelerated world’.
And you will learn how millennia-old Asian wisdom has been showing us a way to 10x our impact as coaches.
Plus, you will discover:
• what the most effective coaches believe their mission is truly about
• why being ‘a nice’ coach is… NOT a nice thing at all!
• what you can immediately stop ‘doing’, to create a far more empowering space for your clients to thrive in coaching sessions
• how you can ‘be’ the coach, vs. ‘doing’ coaching, and then 10x your impact as a coach… with ease

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