16 May 22
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Using Humour in Coaching with Pedja Jovanović (MCC)  

Humor is a communication tool with two main ingredients:
* the ability to provoke laughter
* the ability to feel/to experience/appreciate a funny or amusing message

As such, humor can be an important tool in building a relationship with clients. It can help with client’s relaxation and rapport building. It can lighten a mood and bring a sense of companionship to coach-client relationship. When people laugh, endorphins are released. Endorphins give a feeling of well-being and supports client to think effectively. Humor also reduces stress since laughing reduces the cortisol-level.
Coaching with a sense of humor does not make one less professional, in fact, it can open up new possibilities and make a coach more relatable. Most productive humor cannot be planned on the coach’s part. It just comes out, surprises and lightens the atmosphere. However, if it isn’t done appropriately, humor can be destructive in coaching setting.
In this webinar you will learn tips and tricks.

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