05 May 22
- 03 Jun 22
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3 Brains – Head, Heart, and Gut – Coach Certification Training ©

What is your real ambition and What is blocking you to achieve this?
What is the answer from your HEAD, your HEART and your GUT?
When your 3 Brains don’t provide the same answer,
how do you decide if it is better to follow your head, your heart, or your gut feeling? 

What happens when you don’t align them?
They stay reflexively loyal to an old behaviour, philosophy or belief even when that could work against your ambition!

You will master in this training:
– How to Connect and Communicate with the 3 Brains
– Analysing techniques to pinpoint what is keeping your client stuck and what will support the solution
– more than 10 different techniques to assist the client to align the 3 Brains and create a common solution
– The science behind the 3 Brains—our Head, Heart and Gut—and how they work
– Role of the Autonomic Nerve System in relationship to the 3 Brains
– Exercises to master the techniques

Event schedule or other information/comments
All the session are on Thursday and Friday from 1519 CEST = 9 AM-1 PM New York Time
Sess 1&2 5 & 6 May
Sess 3&4 12 & 13 May
Sess 5&6 19 & 20 May
Sess 7&8 2 & 3 June
3 Brains coach training is invaluable if you are looking to help your clients connect with themselves and their inner wisdom to live in alignment with their truth. Grateful to Christoffel for sharing such powerful tools with us! He has a way of enhancing the learning environment as well as making it very enjoyable, leading to new personal and professional insights!
Alison Sinclair, PCC
I was truly delighted with this programme, in particular the quality of the content, materials and research complemented by Christoffel’s abundance of knowledge and expertise which he shares with generosity and humility.
The 3-brains concept really lands with my clients, supporting them to unpack complex unspoken thoughts, feelings and behaviours to arrive at solutions with greater clarity and confidence.
Jane Emmanuel PCC
Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : CCE
HOURS by type:   
CC : 16    RD : 14
Number of events : 89
Number of languages : 1