26 Feb 24
- 22 May 24
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$3,000.00 (10% EARLY BIRD January // 15% discount for academics. nonprofits, government and HSDPs) USD

Adaptive Action Coaching for systemic growth and development: A Human Systems Dynamics Approach

Adaptive Action Coaching for systemic growth and development is a coaching program grounded in the field of Human Systems Dynamics (HSD).

This program provides a systemic approach since human beings, as individuals and in their relationships, are systems. It approaches complexity and its challenges as something inherent and inevitable in our lives in the current world.

We believe in the power individuals and teams have to see and understand the patterns in their lives. The tools and practices used are designed to help them create awareness and take informed and intentional actions. Shaping those patterns enables the ability to change habits, build the capacity to adapt to uncertainty, and move forward to promote success.

The participants will leave with practice using tools from HSD to use with their clients, and plans for incorporating those tools into their work.

Event schedule or other information/comments
The course includes 4 Sessions.
Per each session there is two 4h/day with theory and practice and a 2h follow up meeting to review the homework.
1 - Session 1
Basic Classes
Feb 26 & 28 10:00a - 2:30p CST
Follow Up
March 6 10:00a - 12:00p CDT
2. Session 2
Basic Classes
March 11 & 12 10:00a - 2:30p CDT
Follow Up
April 2 10:00a -12:00p CDT
3. Session 3
Basic Classes
April 15 & 16 10:00a - 2:30p CDT
Follow Up
April 22 10:00a -12:00p CDT
4. Session 4
Basic Classes
May 13 & 14 10:00a - 2:30p CDT
Follow Up
May 22 10:00a - 12:00p CDT
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ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 40    RD :
Number of events : 75
Number of languages : 2