23 Feb 23
- 25 Oct 23
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Advanced Cohort

The Advanced Cohort will complete the Certified Professional Coach, the Certified Master Coach, the Certified Coach Specialist, the Coaching Experience, and the Mentor Coaching Programs.

This cohort is designed to provide the required training and mentor coaching hours plus engage you in the learning opportunity that prepares you for the PCC credential. Following are full overviews of each program.

Certified Professional Coach
Designed to develop the Core Competencies of a coach plus provide a model, coaching processes, and tools for you to start coaching.

Certified Master Coach
Designed to expand your knowledge of the Core Competencies, prepare for the Coach Knowledge Assessment,

One-on-One Coaching Session.

Certified Coach Specialist
Choose focus: Certified Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness Coach Specialist.

Certified Experience Class
Focuses on application of the ICF’s Core Competencies.

Mentor Coaching
Designed to demonstrate coaching competencies.

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Schedule can be found at https://www.coachcert.com/training/credentialing-cohorts/advanced-cohort-program-overview.html
Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : Level 2
HOURS by type:   
CC : 140.5    RD : 0
Number of events : 57
Number of languages : 2