27 Jun 24
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AI Technology Lab: Create a Coaching Impact Report with AI

How to Create a Coaching Impact Report with AI Technology

Are you intrigued by the potential of AI but need help figuring out where or how to start?

Join us for an AI Technology Lab designed specifically for coaches and professionals like you, who are eager to leverage AI in their presentation design. This is your chance to create higher-quality slides in less time for your Coaching Impact Reports, Executive-level Discussions, Training Slides for Group Coaching, and more.

During this session, we’ll create a Coaching Impact Report presentation using Beautiful.ai through practical, guided exercises, exploring the tool’s powerful capabilities to enhance your visual presentation.

You’ll learn how to:
Modernize your Coaching Impact presentations with AI technology.
Customize layouts, adjust colors, and incorporate branding effortlessly.
Enhance slides with images, videos, and dynamic charts.
Share your work with others.

Learn to present effectively and efficiently with the power of AI.

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