13 Sep 23
- 06 Dec 23
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Becoming Masterful Experience

Becoming Masterful is an ICF supplemental coach training program. The experience of Becoming Masterful is one where space is opened up, for all of who you are right now to be in the presence of all dimensions of yourself. This internal relationship will directly impact your ability to collaborate with your clients on a deeper level in service of who they wish to become, much more than any skill alone. There will be a focus on demystifying the craft of coaching mastery. It is designed to enable you remain connected to your own continuous skill development and life long learning. It combines a blend of 5 live virtual masterclasses and 4 self paced learning modules; creating an opportunity where you can pause, unpack, ventilate and recalibrate the whole of you, not just the coach in you at a pace that suits your unique life style. It also includes an individual coaching session to support the integration of your learning and an opportunity to witness 5 live MCC coaching demonstrations.

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Becoming Masterful is a twelve week program with 40 ICF CCEU's in core competencies. It centers on demystifying coaching mastery and simplifying what appears complex. It can be used as 40 hours supplemental coach training or 30 hours supplemental coach training and 10 hours group mentor coaching. The program comprises 5 x live virtual full day masterclasses which are three weeks apart. Each live masterclass will focus on demystifying the ICF core coaching competencies at mastery level, include a live MCC coaching demonstration and an opportunity for group discussion, self reflection and feedback on your coaching skills. In between each virtual masterclass, learners will engage in a self paced learning module which will focus on deepening the concepts addressed in the masterclasses and learners will hear more about the challenges and discoveries experienced by Emer in her pursuit of mastery. Learners will be invited to document their learning through reflective practice and journaling.
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ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 40    RD :
Number of events : 50
Number of languages : 2