28 Mar 23
- 03 Dec 23
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$3800.00 - Optional 10-month payment plan. USD

Certificate in Wholebeing Positive Psychology

In this 9-month online course, you’ll experience an in-depth, integrated exploration of the science and direct application of wholebeing positive psychology.

Apply the whole-person approach personally and professionally in leadership, counseling, coaching, parenting, or teaching in order to

▪ Bring about lasting change in individuals and organizations
▪ Create healthy personal and professional relationships
▪ Build positive emotions and the resilience to deal with painful ones
▪ Develop constructive self-regard and grounded optimism.

Graduates leave with the tools, practices, and research to support an increased capacity for health, strengthened resilience, deeper mindfulness, and greater levels of overall well-being.

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At the end of the training you will:
❖ Understand the fundamental ideas of positive psychology and how these ideas can radically change the way we relate to ourselves and others
❖ Apply the SPIRE model as a means to achieve higher levels of well-being, increasing creativity, motivation, health, and overall success in individuals, groups, and organizations
❖ Use a variety of scientifically proven interventions from positive psychology and neuroscience to bring about positive and lasting change
❖ Understand the ways to build and enrich healthy and happy interpersonal relationships, as well as constructively deal with conflicts
❖ Realize your full potential as you embody your best self, employing an appreciative approach based on your strengths
❖ Believe in the power of the big dream and discover ways to turn them into goals and concrete actions for their practical realization
❖ Have the resilience and determination to navigate through the inevitable challenges of life
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ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 25.5    RD : 13
Number of events : 75
Number of languages : 2