04 Jan 23
- 30 Apr 23
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$1475 USD USD

Certificate Program in Applied Neuroscience

The Certificate Program in Applied Neuroscience is where you can learn the neuroscience you need to level up your coaching skills — and earn 24 CCE units while you do.
This 4-month Certificate Program begins on January 4th, 2023.
Upon completion, you will be able to
1. Help your clients create neuroplastic change
2. Harness the power of the prefrontal cortex to improve focus and decision- making
3. Structure goals for success and use dopamine for instant motivation
4. Generate more willpower and make hard habits feel easy
5. Create the right conditions for bursts of creativity
6. Harness the power of flow
7. Enhance emotional intelligence through an understanding of Lisa Feldman Barrett’s new theory of constructed emotion
8. Reduce and even eliminate stress, and develop resilience
9.Improve psychological and cognitive functioning through enhancing gut health, exercise, and sleep.
. . . . and more
January pricing is $1475. To learn more: neuroscienceschool.com/program

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The 14 modules are in video format that you can watch at your leisure. Modules are released weekly. And there are weekly Q & A calls over zoom.
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ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 15    RD : 9
Number of events : 57
Number of languages : 2