20 Jun 24
- 21 Jun 24
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Großer Kolonnenweg 23
30163 Hannover
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2,295.00 EUR

Certification: Introduction to Janssen’s Model® – The Four Rooms of Change Theory

Janssen’s Model® describes “The Four Rooms of Change,” as Stockholm psychologist Dr. Claes Janssen calls his psychological model. In change humans permanently go through the four rooms: satisfaction, denial, confusion and the room of inspiration.
Working with Janssen’s Model® helps people and organizations to get into the rooms of inspiration and satisfaction. It increases openness to change and serves as a self-help tool. Four Rooms supports the development and preservation of a healthy work environment as basis for innovation, performance and sustainable development.
Together you will go through the introduction process and explore the theory of the Four Rooms.
The international team of consultants will provide the background knowledge and share their years of practical experience to empower people to get out of the rather uncomfortable and unproductive rooms of denial and confusion.

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The program dates stated above are for the on-site certification training. 2 live online trainings (virtual, 3 hours each) will be arranged during the training in alignment with all participants.
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