05 Apr 22
- 07 Apr 22
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Coaching High Performing Teams

Team coaching requires specially developed acumen that transcends individual coaching. Working with a wide variety of participants who bring varying degrees of emotional intelligence to each session requires keen coaching awareness around group and team characteristics.

Increase your core competencies in group and team dynamics with this advanced continuing coach education course from The Elevar Group. This course puts resource materials from the textbook In Mixed Company – Communication in Small Groups and Teams by J. Dan Rothwell (used with permission from Cengage Learning), and other trusted sources, into a practical coaching context. Class discussions, exercises, and homework focus on learning to use key skills with flexibility and proper knowledge of appropriateness for a given context.

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Learn how teams differ from groups, the distinctions between empowered and high performing teams, factors that affect teams and how change impacts them. Use and apply this knowledge in specific coaching contexts with other experienced coaches sharing their real life experiences.

Recognizing unique structures and dynamics that exist in groups and teams and how that shapes individual perceptions and influences decision making is essential in mastering the ICF core competencies of:

1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice
2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset
3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
5. Maintains Presence
6. Listens Actively
7. Evokes Awareness
8. Facilitates Client Growth

Each class module builds upon the previous one, and requires each participant to select a case study team or group they have worked with in the past or are currently working with (or participating in) to use as a practice resource for role-playing coaching conversations, discussion
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