07 May 24
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Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool | Part 1

‘Collage as a Creative Coaching Tool’ Part 1 is an introduction to coaching with collage. As an experiential workshop, you’ll learn through engaging in the process of creating your own collage. This foundational training is followed by Part 2, our full-day Skills-Based Training.

The training includes:
• Why you would choose to use collage as a creative coaching tool
• Individual time with your facilitator to explore an image in more depth
• Peer-to-peer discussion and learning

As you’re guided step by step through the 3-stage creative process of:
1. Gathering – images from a resource of various magazines
2. Creating – the coaching collage (visual narrative)
3. Storytelling – sharing meaning and the coaching conversation

each step facilitates self-directed learning and with a theme of ‘What I want from my Coaching Career’ you’ll leave with personal reflection and insights. Experiencing this for yourself enables you to understand how collage can be used with coaching clients.

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