02 Aug 23
- 24 Jan 24
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Diploma of Neurobiology of Coaching, Wellbeing & Brain-Friendly Practices

The Diploma of Neurobiology of Coaching, Wellbeing & Brain-Friendly Practices has been designed with the most current insights from neuroscience and biology in mind.

This program will help you acquire a ‘neurocoaching mindset’ and explore how to evolve the competencies of performance, collaboration, innovation and agility once your clients receive their i4 Neuroleader™ Assessment results.

You can benefit from learning the content and using the material as it stands in your coaching practice or by adopting the i4 Neuroleader™ Methodology as your guiding compass.

Whether you are a consultant, a coach or a leader, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery that will not only provide you with ideas and experiences you can use in your own life and with clients or team members but will also give you the know-how to apply the processes, tools and protocols to develop brain-friendly cultures.

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The total commitment for this Diploma is 108 hours. You can complete the two learning components within 12 months or in as little as 6 months. We have made this program flexible to fit into any busy schedule.

Part 1 - 48 hours of asynchronous self-paced online training:
The Diploma includes the i4 Neuroleader™ Certification. This program is self-led and can be completed at any time and before enrolling.

Part 2 - 6 months of synchronous facilitator-led online sessions:
The Diploma component is cohort-based and includes 60 hours split into 22 weeks x 120-minute live facilitated online weekly group sessions.

This program includes:

• Module A, B, C of the self-paced Certification (15 CC + 5 RD)
• Modules D, E, F of the self-paced Certification (18 CC + 10 RD)
• Part 1 of the cohort-based Diploma (24 CC + 6 RD)
• Part 2 of the cohort-based Diploma (23 CC + 7 RD)

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Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : CCE
HOURS by type:   
CC : 47    RD : 13
Number of events : 67
Number of languages : 3