04 Nov 23
- 18 Nov 23
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Diversity and Equity in Coaching

Engage in an interactive learning experience.
1. Awareness – discuss and develop self awareness of diversity and equity in coaching.
2. Personal Assessment – explore concepts of bias and areas of personal development.
3. Business Assessment – assess your business from a diversity and equity perspective.
4. Accessibility Expands Reach – review how you can support access and provide coaching to a wider audience
5. Tools and Techniques – explore and incorporate diversity and equity.
6. Long-term Possibilities – discuss and plan for sustainability related to diversity and equity in coaching.
Increase Diversity and Equity in Coaching:
• Create and Expand Awareness
• Conduct a Personal Assessment
• Plan for and Conduct a Business Assessment
• Explore Options for Accessibility
• Expand Opportunities by Increasing Access to Coaching
• Discuss Techniques to Support Diversity and Equity
• Brainstorm Actions for Long-term Sustainability

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