28 Apr 22
- 01 May 22
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10 Via Carlo Gomes
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Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC)

The Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility course covers the psychological models behind truth and lies, plus the skills required to identify ‘Hotspots’ (instances when the strain between what we are thinking and what we are feeling produce observable/audible leakage across the five channels).
The course is designed to help you to read and evaluate the degree of truthfulness and credibility in what others are communicating to you.
As well as the unique, five channel approach to training you will also learn about memory, and how you can work out whether a statement of an event is remembered or being constructed through scientific content analysis.
The courses are enriched with unique content, using videos of truth-tellers and liars from high-stake contexts such as international Embassy visa applications, scientifically validated experiments conducted by Prof Paul Ekman himself and extracts of CEOs from commercial investment contexts.

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ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 17    RD : 7
Number of events : 75
Number of languages : 2