07 May 24
- 13 Aug 24
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$1,495 USD

Focusing-Oriented Coaching

Focusing was developed from a vast outcomes study conducted by Eugene Gendlin for the eminent psychologist Carl Rogers, aiming to uncover what factors predicted success in psychotherapeutic conversations—why some clients change and others don’t. Astonishingly, one simple factor stood out. It was not what clients spoke about but how they reflected internally and then spoke about it. Focusing is an empirically-based process for quickly manifesting extraordinary insight and change in clients, which makes it a must-have skill for any coach wishing to effortlessly and powerfully help their clients get to the heart of their issues.

Throughout 8 modules you’ll be guided through the key steps of this extraordinary skill, and how to seamlessly integrate it into coaching conversations. The program comprises a series of eight, 2-hour live classes which occur every two weeks and seven, 1-hour Buddy Calls for integrating the learning, all supplemented by our unique online learning content.

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FOCUSING 2024: Classes are 120 minutes (2 HRS) All classes commence at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

Class 1— Tues May 7
Class 2— Tues May 21
Class 3— Tues June 4
Class 4— Tues June 18
Class 5— Tues July 2
Class 6— Tues July 16
Class 7— Tues July 30
Class 8— Tues Aug 13
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