26 Jul 24
- 25 Jul 25
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Global Leadership Coach Program – Mastery Module (Level 3 for MCC)

The Coach Mastery Program aims to strengthen coaches’ identities, enhance their coaching skills, and cultivate a powerful presence. Through discovering their true identity, defining personal coaching philosophies, and connecting artistry with coaching to evoke the creative active in self, coaches will solidify their grounding to become more generative in daily practice. Tools to enhance relational field and reflect systemically the program emphasis on energy management, and presence exercises. Practical application through role-playing, reflective practice, facilitating and peer coaching, supported by a blended learning approach, ensures free flow of mastery for lifelong learning.

Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : Level 3
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CC :    RD :
Number of events : 89
Number of languages : 1