26 Jul 22
- 28 Jul 22
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Increasing Awareness and Enlightening Bias with the Communication Styles Model

The Communications Styles Model has been in use for many years and has had many different iterations. Taking this model and using it to create awareness and openness around unconscious bias makes this a powerful coaching tool.

Using the guiding Sociability and Dominance scales as the model was originally created around, we explore the 4 Communications Styles of Supportive, Emotive, Reflective and Director. Adding to this model an exploration of communication patterns will allow clients to have new awareness to unconscious biases that may be influencing them and others they are surrounded by.

Working with your clients to better understand other people’s styles of communication and patterns that they are a part of is a great way to open up new awareness for group, leadership and individual coaches alike.

In this 6 CCE core competency course we explore the Communication Styles Model, determining our own styles and the styles of those around us so that we can better understand and work with the patterns that we create, follow and participate in. Allowing disruption to those patterns opens up space for new thinking and awareness of biases, habits and creates space for new personal growth.

Within this course we cover the following core competencies: Demonstrates Ethical Practice; Embodies a Coaching Mindset; Establishes and Maintains Agreements; Cultivates Trust and Safety; Maintains Presence; Listens Actively; Evokes Awareness; Facilitates Client Growth

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ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 6    RD :
Number of events : 67
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