12 May 23
- 01 Dec 23
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Level 1: Foundational Cohort

1. CPC
Develop the competencies of a coach to start coaching.
• Explain the parameters of coaching
• Discuss the ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
• Identify and coach different personal styles
• Use listening, assertive communication, and questioning techniques
• Recognize and adjust to V-A-K styles, Meta Models, and Meta Programs
• Coach for proactive goal setting and action planning

2. CMC
Expand your application of the competencies to upgrade coaching efficacy.
• Plan for and coach a group.
• Explore clauses for coaching agreements.
• Identify how to meet ethical guidelines and establish the coaching agreement.
• Illustrate and describe coaching process.
• Explore how to establish trust and maintain presence.
• Use active listening, powerful questioning, and direct communication.
• Practice and demonstrate evoking awareness.
• Plan for and coach.

Mentor Coaching
Focus on your demonstration of coaching competencies, complete the coaching assessment, prep for the CKA.

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Program schedule located at https://www.coachcert.com/training/credentialing-cohorts/icf-credentialing-cohort-schedules.html
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ICF accreditation type : Level 1
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CC : 65    RD : 0
Number of events : 89
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