31 May 22
- 28 Jun 22
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Mindfulness Coaching School: Mentor Coaching Group

What are the Group Mentor Coaching sessions like?

The Group meetings begin with Q & A. Coaching concerns and questions are discussed. It is a time to explore where you may feel flummoxed, puzzled, or less than stellar as a coach. It’s a time of Beginner’s Mind.

The second segment is an observed coaching session. Each week two colleagues will take on the role of the coach or client. The remaining members will observe the session. Each observer participates by giving positive feedback and later asking questions that arose from the coaching session. Meg offers suggestions, comments, and observations during and after the coaching session.

The Individual Mentor Coaching sessions are all about you!

They are about guiding you into the field of being a stellar coach by focusing on meeting your needs. This is not a time to worry about looking good. Instead, it’s a time to determine what areas of your coaching are in need of attention – taking it all to the next level.

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