28 Aug 22
- 18 Dec 22
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$2,599 USD

Professional Coach Certification Programme

EZ37 Solutions Limited offers gold standard performance coach training.

The programme guides you through the ABCDE of coaching:

Module A includes various assessments and reflective practices that help you to become more aware of yourself, and establish your vision, goals, and values.

Module B focuses on the ‘Being’ of a Coach. It entails who a coach is and establishes this as the foundation for a successful coaching profession.

Module C digs deeper into the ICF core competencies to aid an understanding of the skills and behaviors required of a professional coach.

Module D reviews and reflects on assignments and tools as you bring learnings from previous modules into real-life coaching scenarios. Here you practice one-on-one coaching and apply the fundamentals of coaching in various situations.

Essentials of coaching
This final module guides you through vital aspects of coaching. Here you discover the role that energy, emotion, empathy, and engagement play in coaching.

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Overview of the programme
-16 weeks
-Online, live facilitator interface
-60 contact hours
-10 hours mentor coaching
-ICF credentialled coach f
-Assessment and Group Work
-Peer to Peer Coaching practice
-Access to EZ Coaching Alumni
-Certificate of Completion

To create a global coaching culture by developing coaches to become change agents within their communities

• To inspire participants and graduate certified coaches to become enablers for positive change in the personal and professional lives of their clients
• To bring distinctive perspectives and experiences to the learning of participants

Benefits of the programme

-Develop and improve leadership skills
-Fast track personal and professional development
-Gain financial independence
-Work from any location
-Strengthen relationships
-Expand professional networks

How We're Different
-We offer peer coaching with other ICF accredited institutions
-We support you towards ICF credentialing
Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : ACSTH
HOURS by type:   
CC : 49    RD : 11
Number of events : 108
Number of languages : 4