27 Sep 22
- 29 Sep 22
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Re-Solutionizing Conflict

This course is a deep dive on conflict methodologies starting with the definition of conflict, types and sources as well as ways to revolutionize your clients’ conflict resolution techniques. Conflict is defined as any situation in which incompatible goals, attitudes, emotions, or behaviors lead to a disagreement or opposition between two or more individuals. Examine conflict as two types defined as functional and dysfunctional. Functional conflict results in positive benefits to individuals, a group, or the organization. This type of good conflict can raise awareness of important issues so that they can be addressed. Good conflict carries the potential to be a win-win. Dysfunctional conflict, on the other hand, can damage group cohesion, promote hostilities among those involved, and create an overall negative experience for all associated with the situation. Examine conflict as two sources defined as internal and external.

Each class module builds upon the previous one, and requires each participant to coach and be coached through the revolutionary process of resolving conflicts in 4 steps:

1- Determining the type and nature of conflict- functional/dysfunctional and internal/external

2- Identifying the expectation breakdown

3- Evaluating consequences

4- Breaking the cycle of escalation

Impact your toolbox in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies:

1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice

2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset

3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements

4. Cultivates Trust and Safety

5. Maintains Presence

6. Listens Actively

7. Evokes Awareness

8. Facilitates Client Growth

Number of Coach Specific Education Hours:
ICF accreditation type : CCE
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CC : 6    RD :
Number of events : 64
Number of languages : 2