11 Jul 24
- 29 Aug 24
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$1,597 (or $447 p/ month for 4 months) USD

The Brain Science Advantage for Coaches

Neuroplasticity–the limitless potential of the human brain to rewire itself–is one of the most hopeful discoveries of our generation.

But how do we get the science out of the lab and into our lives? Who has time to comb through stacks of research, decipher what it means, and figure out how to actually use it?

The Brain Science Advantage is a comprehensive overview of all of the latest brain and behavioral science–a distillation of hundreds of books and thousands of scientific papers into practical, actionable, and easy-to-understand tools and strategies that will supercharge your clients’ growth. Never before has the most cutting-edge science been so accessible!

This transformational experience will challenge you, inspire you, and revolutionize how you approach your coaching practice. Armed with 100% evidence-based tools and strategies, you’ll start seeing results with your clients that you never thought possible.

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The Brain Science Advantage for Coaches is a combination of on-demand sessions, live sessions, exercises, and optional readings.

You'll join a cohort that meets at a scheduled time once per week. All other coursework will be completed on your own time.

The course consists of four modules:
Habits, Productivity, Overcoming Fear, and Happiness

Each module takes two weeks to complete. You should plan to devote a total of 5 hours per week to the course.

For the live sessions, we meet on Thursdays at 11:00 AM Pacific Time / 2:00 PM Eastern Time:

July 11th = Habits
July 18th = Habits
July 25th = Productivity
Aug 1st = Productivity
Aug 8th = Overcoming Fear
Aug 15th = Overcoming Fear
Aug 22nd = Happiness
Aug 29th = Happiness

Each week, workshop in detail how the content applies to specific client challenges -- so you'll walk away not only knowing the science but knowing how to apply it in a variety of situations -- especially the tough ones and the unique obstacles your clients face.
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