21 Mar 22
- 09 Jun 22
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The Culture Mastery 4C’s Certification Course ™

The Culture Mastery 4C’s Process™ course teaches coaches how to leverage tools to empower their clients to understand the importance of cultural, systemic, and contextual awareness. This four-step cross-cultural learning program teaches coaches to guide their clients on a journey from identification of cultural preferences through the establishment of real-world solutions. The process guides coaches themselves to identify their cultural preferences and find the most effective ways to incorporate the ICF Core Competencies to become more emotionally intelligent when working with others from diverse cultures. The online Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator™ (ICBI) assessment is used in the process to uncover the “why” behind emotional responses that arise when working with or living in another national culture. Coaches use the assessment in their own practice to enable their clients to navigate their working style preferences. Coaches also receive a one-year license to use the online digital platform, the Global Business Compass™. This tool embeds the Culture Mastery 4C’s learning and provides information for over 40 countries. Coaches will also receive a Culture Mastery 4C’s certificate and a Digital Badge from the Global Coach Center and the ability to use the ICBI cultural self-assessment with their clients. For detailed information, please see: https://webinars.globalcoachcenter.com/ We hope you join our coaching learning community from around the globe. Number of Core Competency (CC) credits: 8 Number of Resource Development (RD) credits: 4

2022 Dates: March 21-24, April 4-7, May 9-12, June 6-9

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2022 Dates: March 21-24, April 4-7, May 9-12, June 6-9
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