12 May 24
- 20 May 24
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1:1 Probono Coaching with Miro Tool Demo

In the realm of coaching, the practice of offering pro bono 1-on-1 sessions serves as a powerful avenue for extending support to individuals who may otherwise lack access to professional coaching services. This coaching explores the integration of Miro, a collaborative online whiteboarding platform, into pro bono coaching sessions, enhancing engagement, clarity, and outcomes for both coaches and clients. By leveraging Miro’s versatility, coaches can facilitate interactive sessions, visualize concepts, and co-create action plans with clients in real-time. Join us as we showcase practical demonstrations of Miro’s capabilities within pro bono coaching contexts, empowering coaches to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

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To find out more about our style of coaching and the life balance wheel, visit our websites - www.coach-live.com and www.jkchua.com.

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