17 May 21
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1 hour
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Organisational leadership development

Appreciative Inquiry Coaching and Thinking Partner

From appreciative coach to being a Thinking Partner in an organizational environment. It requires the combination of understanding organizational complexity and specific interrelational skills: connecting, being present, generative listening, appreciation. A thinking partner is more than a coach and has skills to broaden the perspectives of the other, to build effective working relationships and to inquire with the purpose of sustaining the collaborative conversational field between people and groups. Bring out in others their exceptionality, their essentiality and their relational capacity. It accompanies them to think “out of the box” and in their priorities, those of their team, their organization and their community. I will share briefly: Appreciative Inquiry, the six levels of inquiry, the ten principles of the helping relationship; sustain the conversational field; the various mind maps of the leader; introduction to the value system, the 7 talents of Leonardo da Vinci.

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Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry coaching
From coach to Thinking Partner
Explore the different skills of a Thinking Partner
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Coaching in organisations
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