13 May 23
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Work-life balance

Coaching The Essence Through the Power of Love

The journey of coaching in space-time through content related dynamics is like the journey of life, having as its larger goal the development of conscious awareness. Love is not an accomplishment: it is the quality with which the space of relationship is filled. One chooses to position oneself while willfully maintaining an emotional detachment from one’s psychic contents in order to bring forth the wisdom grounded in the Power of the Self: Love. We will work together creatively exploring the richness of our inner system, composed of a multiplicity of dynamically interacting parts, the subpersonalities. This exploration will lead to clues that point us to the presence of the intrinsic work that seeks to manifest itself: our Ideal Model, a synthesis of our essential ontological Identity. The application of Psychosynthesis to Coaching is today one of the most effective and fundamental methodologies for the development of true Self-Leaders and the realization of our highest potentials.

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