13 May 24
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1 hour 30 min
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Health & wellness coaching

Should every coach be Trauma-informed?

As professional coaches, many of us come from backgrounds in learning and development or leadership, often overlooking the significant impact of detrimental conditioning and trauma in our lives. Incorporating an understanding of trauma into the skill set of a professional coach is not just beneficial; it’s transformative. This approach enables us to help clients break free from cognitive distortions, blind spots, and default mode network neural paths.

In this session, we anticipate exploring the synergy between Trauma-informed knowledge and coaching to create value. We will delve into understanding trauma and its role in an individual’s development, accompanied by numerous real-world case studies that illustrate the effectiveness of trauma-informed coaching approaches.

Join us in embracing the power of trauma-informed coaching to effect positive change in both ourselves and our clients.

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Health & wellness coaching
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