15 May 24
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2 hours
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Professional development
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The influence of personal identity on the increase of coaches’ competences – the model of archetypes

The focus of this webinar centers on your personal and professional growth as both an individual and a coach. The guiding principle is ‘Becoming Who You Are,’ transitioning from a static existence to one of dynamic evolution. Throughout, we will explore coaching competencies with the model of archetypes which helps you to unravel ‘obvious’ links and contradictions in the story of your client.

During the session, you’ll navigate your own journey to discern which strategies are reinforcing growth and which ones are undermining progress. This introspective exploration will empower you to refine your coaching approach and foster authentic transformation.

Learning Objectives:
-Explore Identity Through Metaphor
-Discover Your Archetypal Image
-Utilize Archetypes in Coaching
-Enhance Awareness of Personal Potentials
-Restore Archetypal Balance
-Forge New Pathways in Coaching
-Create a Synthesized Identity

Maximum participants: 70
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