08 May 23
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Professional development

From Which Brain are YOU Coaching? Your Head, Heart, or Gut?

We all know that the more we know ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, the more we will be able to assist our clients in the best way.
Hence, they can make the changes they want to make, and have long-lasting change.

Science tells us that we have 3 Brains – in our Head, Heart and Gut – and that they have different responsibilities and strategies. Meaning, if we only coach from our dominant Brain, we are missing many opportunities.

Every one of us has a unique preference and most of us work more from the Head, the Heart or the Gut, just like our clients respond more from their dominant Brain.

Furthermore, in general, coaches have a different 3 Brains preference than our clients, especially C-suit leaders, and this mismatch could seriously interfere with the success of our coaching.
Knowing from which brain we are coaching and the client is responding is essential to enable long-lasting change!

-> Discover the essential insights that will boost your clients’ success!

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Take aways of this Webinar:
- What is the impact of coaching from the Head, the Heart or the Gut?
- How does that influence our connection and success with the client?
- How to assist your clients in a 3 Brains way to enable long lasting change
- The Basics of the 3 Brains science and theory
- Discover your own 3 Brains preference on https://www.3brainsacademy.com/3-brains-preference-test
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