Publication date
12 Oct 21
Coaching Type
Leadership coaching
20 min

Conversational Intelligence® Mini-Series Podcast Episode 6: Mary & Deb’s Favorite Conversational Intelligence Tips & Tools

This is the final episode of a 6-part series on Conversational Intelligence®, (also known as C-IQ®) facilitated by Judith E. Glaser.

The curriculum explored how parts of the brain influence the outcome of conversations.

Deb Shannon, another certified C-IQ® coach and I decided to launch this mini-series podcast to offer tools to support the conversations that we are called to have during this time.

We are living in an era that has rocked our foundation on so many levels: the global pandemic, racial reckoning, economic collapse, and the climate crisis.

In this final episode, Deb and Mary will recap some of their favorite tips and tools to put at your fingertips, so that you can muster the “will” to have that next challenging conversation.