Paula King
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Learn The Essential Tools, Techniques, And Approaches Used by Master Coaches to Create a Successful Coaching Practice

Becoming a Master Coach

Paula wrote this book in an attempt to provide the reader with a complete understanding of assorted coaching tools, techniques, and approaches that, when used correctly, can help to become an effective and successful coach.

Overall, this book has the following primary aims:
1. To give you a deeper understanding of what coaching is
2. To teach you how to utilise various coaching approaches and tools to establish a professional coaching practice
3. To show you how to use coaching dialogue strategies in the workplace and in everyday social and personal discussions, and
4. To equip you with actionable, practical coaching techniques you can use in your everyday life.

The book will help you walk down the path to self-discovery and personal and professional growth professionally as a coach. This book has a deliberately chosen structure guided by the need to help you navigate through and digest the content.

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