Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy
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Coaching, SUPERvision, Reflective Practice, Tools, Techniques, Research

Creative Reflective Practice: Global perspectives for critical reflection on professional experiences

In his compelling preface, Professor Peter Hawkins places the subject in context while sharing his wisdom on the importance of ongoing reflective practice in our complex world. Reflection is fundamental to an incremental and vertical approach to professional development. Furthermore, sharing such learning can create positive systemic transformation. To this end, by reflecting with peers, and more crucially, with experienced SUPERvisors, the power of reflection is enhanced. Applying learning from reflection enables professionals to increase the impact of their work.
SECTION ONE provides you with a historical perspective on reflective practice. It also features approaches to understanding reflective practice to facilitate professional development: the who, what, where, when and why. This leads onto the important ‘how’: how to reflect creatively and critically. This section offers a range of tools and models that you can use to reflect upon your work and other parts of your life…

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